The seductive world of glass as an artistic medium

Glass is a very varied medium, with many different  colours, textures, degrees of transluscence and opacity.  It can be used on many different ways, cutting sheet and painting and leading for the traditional look of stained glass in places such as churches, melting and cooling in controlled conditions in a kiln for fused work, and the  dramatic theatricality of making hot glass with fire and hot metal and the complex dance of blowing, twirling, heating and cooling.


The thing that really attracts me to glass is the way that light changes each piece all the time.  I haven’t the patience for video art, and I find paintings tend to feel rather static.  Glass changes minute by minute as the sun moves through the sky, as clouds gather, as different internal light sources are switched on, and as I move in relation to the glass.  A piece of glass can give you the same sense of changing peacefulness and drama that watching the ocean or other water does, or a fire, or a big sky.