Sgraffito Challenge Day 3 – a landscape with fingers and business card

SC day 3 landscape

I chose a picture of the Cornish coastline for this challenge.  I decided to do two drawings, one where I added the glass powder with my fingers and the other when I sifted powder over the whole glass to start with and then removed it with the card.  I found it tricky working so small (these pieces of glass are just 5cmx10cm).   I should have converted the coloured image to black and white as that is another difficulty trying to imagine the correct grayscale on a coloured photo.  I forgot about this step as I had found this photo while tidying up and thought it would do.

SC 3 landscape additive

This one was done by dribbling glass powder onto the glass with my fingertips, and then moving it a little with either fingers or card. I did sift a little powder onto the whole image near the end to give some colour to the sea and sky.

SC landscape subtractive

I sifted black glass powder thickly over the glass first then removed some with the card, and finished off by trying to soften the clouds and waves with my fingertips.

SC day 3 lois parker

Both together in the kiln waiting to be fired when it is full.  They do look quite different.


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