Sgraffito Challenge Day 6

More five minute drawings.  Today I allowed myself to send less than five minutes on a drawing if I wanted to.  One I had to do again as I knocked it over just as I got to to my liking.

I decided to pick snowy scenes.  The fox image I based on a print by someone whose name I’ve forgotten, so thanks for the image and sorry I lost your name.  Yours was vastly superior to my interpretation.  The bird is a Sanderling, those agile shore birds I enjoyed watching at St Ives last year, scurrying among the pebbles on the beach.

I bought myself an egg timer to make it easier to manage the five minutes only problem is that I have to remember to look at it as the end is silent.


SC6 fox in  snow

Fox in the snow

SC6 parent and child in snow

Parent and child in snow

SC6 sanderling


SC6 winter trees reflected

winter trees reflected

SC6 snowy mountains

Snowy mountains


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