throwing away Rodin…

SC7 thistle


Today is day of the sgraffito challenge.  Today we were allowed to add tools other than our fingers and business card.  Drew a quick sketch of a teasel (think I accidentally called it a thistle) using a tooth pick.  The pointed tip was just right for getting the wispy spiky stem.    Having enjoyed that I then worked with a photograph of Camille Claudel- apart from realising after I finished that the eyes were too large I quite like this.

camille claudel

Moved onto some Rodin sculptures- don’t have the originals to hand but propped a book up and set to work.  I tried using a rubber tipped tool which did move the glass powder well but I lacked dexterity with it.  I threw away the full length image, after doing it twice when I knocked it over once just as I got to the point that I liked it.  The final image isn’t recognisable as anything, but it was the back of a crouching figure.  Hence the title…when else am I going to say I threw away Rodins.




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