Day 8 on the Sgraffito Challenge- another new tool

SC8 owl

The first few days of this powder drawing challenge we were allowed to use a sifter, a business card and our fingers to do the imagery.  Yesterday we could add any tool provided it wasn’t a brush – and people came up with an amazing array of found and constructed tools, including a meat tenderiser (made a great sunflower heart). I used a toothpick, mostly because I had just bought a very cheap box of a thousand, and I had a card lying around with a frosty teazle and I figured they could be great together.

Today we were allowed to add another new tool, though again not a brush.  I wasn’t sure what to pick.  I wanted to try a picture of an owl, having torn one out of a magazine, and I wanted to get a soft fluffy look – several people had done images of cats and birds that looked really strokeable.  What could I use to help me get a fluffy look?

owl setup

After a bit of thought I decided the real tool I needed for this kind of textural detail was time and patience.  I allowed myself a larger piece of glass (I’ve been working on 10x5cm pieces of white opal glass). This piece is 10x15cm.  I then got myself some zippy trad jazz on the CD player and set to work slowly and carefully.  Nine whole tracks later I decided I wasn’t improving things by going over the image so I stopped.

Not as good as I hoped, but better than it might have been.  I then did a super quick teazle with the 5x10cm piece of glass made by cutting the other bit….

..SC8 teasel


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