Apples are Arduous

Sgraffito Challenge day 9- draw an apple.  A real apple, not a drawing someone else has done that makes it easy to see the shades of grey.   Simple in idea, terribly hard in practice.

SC9 braeburn SC9 bramley

I had a knobbly Bramley apple and half a large Braeburn to hand.  I tried drawing both.  I didn’t like what I had done, but left them sitting in the studio while I got on with other things.

Went back to try to modify the existing drawings by adding more powder and being a bit more adventurous with the markings.  I think I have ended up with a Bramley apple that looks more like a custard apple.  The half apple looks ok.  I found it really hard to figure out how to do dark apple and adjacent shadow so that it was obvious one was apple and the other shadow.  There’s a light bit of apple just above the darkest shadow and I just couldn’t get that to look right.  Drawing a table edge/horizon made the object look more solid- the edge wasn’t visible in real life but I let myself add one.

SC9 bramley apple 2SC 9 Braeburn 2

I think it would be a good idea to eat an apple every day but only after drawing it whole…perhaps eat a bit and redraw it.  That process would be a good one for many reasons.  After a year of that I don’t suppose Apples would be Arduous Anymore.

P.S. another thing I learnt today- if you spell your title wrong the spellchecker doesn’t notice, and once you’ve published it the incorrect spelling will stick on your URL forever, no matter how often you tell it to update.


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