Sgraffito Challenge day 10- an apple and more…

SC 10 apple 2

Draw some fruit, add a context, or just have a wild time….so, lots of possibilities.  I began imagining all sorts of drawings, but kept coming back to my dissatisfaction with yesterday’s apple.  It was dull, didn’t look like an apple…surely I could improve it.  The second drawings of both the half Braeburn and the whole Bramley still existed, so I had the opportunity to try to improve them.

I got my ear wax vacuum and tried adding a small highlight to the Bramley to make it look rounder and glossier.  As the drawing was small and I haven’t done the nifty fixes to make the nozzle smaller, about a third of the apple vanished immediately.  Tipped the powder back in the jar.

What I needed, I decided, was a good asymmetric glossy apple (I’d eaten both the subjects by this time) and a good sideways light source to give definition.  Off to the shop to get some suitable fruit and an extension lead.  Then I tidied the studio…which hasn’t been done properly for months, so I could sort out the old computer that had also been waiting for an extension lead.  Spending calm drawing time in the studio (garage to normal people) means that the mounting chaos was beginning to feel really wrong.

So, set up with a nice shiny wonky Braeburn and a good sideways light (oh, and washed all my glass cleaning cloths in the meantime too) and a clean desk…..really no excuses left.

I used the little inter-dental tooth brush recommended by someone else on the challenge and a sifter.  The brush allowed me to add directional strokes which seemed to help give a feeling of three dimensions.  A tiny dab with the ear-wax vacuum just to emphasise the brightest spot (careful…) and yes, I do think this is a bit better than yesterday.


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