Sgraffito Challenge day eleven- Lettuces are ludicrous

SC 11 lettuce

So I found it difficult representing an apple on days nine and ten.  Today’s task was to draw a vegetable.  Choice in my fridge was potato, carrot, brussel sprouts, root ginger or a partially eaten soft round lettuce (that kind that is limp and floppy).  I started imaging drawing lots of sprouts, but got the image in my head confused with grapes, so decided to try the lettuce

I noticed that yesterday someone had posted some preliminary drawings, so decided to try some myself.  I also looked up ‘how to draw a lettuce’ and came across a charming blog about following Ruskin’s drawing primer.  So, I drew the lettuce in the hope I would understand  the way the shapes worked.

lettuce by pencil

Studio temperature was still only ten centigrade by the time I had done this, so I waited until it hit 12C, dressed warmly and went out with the lettuce to try with the black powder.  I seemed to find it easy to lose track of the main segmenting of the lettuce – the thick ribs of the leaves seem obvious but I still managed to muddle myself.  I stopped when I got too cold to carry on, came in and ate the lettuce.  Beginning to be a bit of a theme, eating the subject.  I wonder what tomorrow’s topic will be.

I did let myself have a postcard sized piece of glass (10x15cm) for this challenge rather than the 5x10cm.  I couldn’t imagine getting anything lettuce-like on such a tiny narrow piece of glass.   I used the small piece of glass I had intended to use today to do a drawing of myself as a toddler  – tricky as the intense shadows made it look like I had black hair across my face and blond curls on top of my head.  It is all good practice at knowing how to look and using the glass powder.

lois toddler

I used the inter-dental brush for most of the work today, and also the toothpick.


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