White, white, white- sgraffito challenge days 16-18

Lucy Rie potting

White objects for three days using light glass and black powder, and then a mysterious something else to do.  I tried some lacy fabric (really hard), some lychees- not white on the outside but white inside, and I wanted to see if I could get the contrast between the succulence of the inside and the spikyness of the outside,  I then set out to do a Lucy Rie triptych- an image of her (white hair, white shirt) making a pot, and the cracked flower pot and two tea cups we have by her in the house.

lucy rie cups lucy rie flower pot

Stupid, really, to set out to do things where the actual shape mattered so much.  Stupid too, to do a picture where there were two cups – though in real life they are not the same shape, and again, lots of overlapping circles, saucer, top and bottom of cup. Quite a challenge.  I worked on these today until my feet got too cold to continue, warmed up and then carried on.

lychees lace


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