ambidextrous or ambisinistrous? More trees, both hands

trees both hands

Todays challenge was:

“This time, the tree should be created upside-down. That means that you will start at the top of your glass with the trunk, and pull the glass toward you to make the branches.

Today you may use both hands in your work, plus the business card and your choice of tools.

Here is the ‘catch’… Anything on the left side of the tree must be drawn with your left hand, and anything on the right side of the tree must be drawn with your right hand.

Even though you have full access to your ‘tools’ you should still use them in the appropriate hand, depending on the side you are working on.” Modern Ancient

I have to admit I forgot about the upside down bit, though I can see that it would make sense for a free flowing action to divide large branches into smaller branches. I’ll do another one sometime like that for the learning.

I focused on the both hands bit. I remembered having read that Landseer could paint a picture using both hands simultaneously and so I attempted to do that…though with no expectations of that quality.

So, more trees, the lake in snow picture saved from a christmas card…and I did try to keep both hands moving at once. It made sense of the snowy shoreline, with the trees and reflections of the trees being drawing in at the same time with symmetrical actions- though  the symmetry somewhat vanished with later fiddling.

I set out to make it look as if snow was lying on the branches, but I think I don’t have the skill to do this, and the tiny scale (about 5×10 cm) doesn’t give a lot of room to manoeuvre.


Yesterday’s picture is sitting on my studio table as I was firing something full of joyful colour as a rest from all this black and white tiny stuff.  It nearly got destroyed by BB going to pick it up to look at it- only just stopped him after his fingers closed around the edges.  He’s gotten used to being able to pick up the drawings lying around the house and seems to have forgotten they start as loose powder.  Claimed it wasn’t obvious that it wouldn’t have been fired yet!


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