Einstein is easy…the self portrait challenge

SP 2 overview

We all struggled with Einstein, some ending up dreaming about Old Albert, and one person using the excuse that her husband knocked hers over just before she finished with a tennis ball.

Having worked for two days on that portrait we then had to take a photo of ourselves (howls of anguish) and do that in powdered glass.  It should be easier, we should know our own faces…but it turns out I have no idea where any of my features sit in my face.

I took a bunch of photos with sidelight from the kitchen window as I thought that would make it easier.  For the first attempt I put the glass and photo upside down and sifted on a good layer of glass powder in the areas with the darkest shading.  I then turned it around and tried to get everything in the right place.  I found it hard to remove powder in any sensible way if I had too much, unless I took all of it off.  I know some people became good at removing just a bit of the powder with a fingertip, but I felt it just made the piece look like I’d got my fingers all over it accidentally.  I worked quite hard, showed my husband, and he said he thought it was good, but was it a picture of a man or a woman.  So, it isn’t just me that doesn’t know what I look like.

self portrait 1

Today I tried again, after waiting for the studio to get up from its early chill of 10C.  The kiln had been on overnight but it is so efficient that it doesn;t leave the studio warm.

This time I started with the eyes.  I did this because the nearly invisible eye on the far side of the face had completely confused me on image one.  I worked on these, then added extra powder, did a bit more work, added more powder and so on.  I think I have ended up with quite a weak and innocuous image, so I am not very pleased with it. If I did another one hopefully I would get some of the good attributes of each and make a stronger image.

self 2aself 2bSP 2cSP 2dSP 2f

SP 2g


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