Lois Parker after the storm circular bowl

I’ve been busy getting ready for my exhibition at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham later this month.  I’ve also just selected and printed labels for a small shared show at the Number 8 Community Art Centre in Pershore, where I have a few smaller items in a crafts case.  I used some business card paper to make the labels, which was so much easier than any other technique I’ve ever tried, and which has produced neat consistent labels.

I also submitted six pieces to the Summer Show Focus on Glass in Cardiff, so the process of auditioning individual pieces and then considering how they work together has preoccupied me for some time.  I’ve spent so much effort on this ‘auditioning’ process that I’ve actually had my previous City&Guilds tutor turn up in my dreams to discuss my work!

Other than that, a few bowls, including some I really like, is all I have made over the last couple of months.  More surgery on my wrist to remove a screw that had come loose from the previous surgery, followed by slipping in the shower while being super-cautious to protect my wound, left me with cracked ribs, which make breathing hard let alone frolicking with glass.  I’m looking forward to a new programme of exploration and experimentation starting in May.


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