Elmslie House Craft Fair Oct 12th

I’ll be joining some friends and fellow makers at the craft fair at Elmslie House in Malvern on Sunday October 16th.  The building itself is worth a look, and there are some amazing glass installations.


If you are in the area drop in, it would be great to see you.



deep water splash.jpg




Playing with water

I realise there is a bit of sea theme in a lot of the work I make.  I like to work with a CD of coastal sounds in the background in my studio, and trying to catch the energy of waves in the glass in various ways is something I keep returning to.


In addition to my single wave pieces I’ve also extended this sea theme with a series of works set in portholes.  eBay has an astonishing variety of portholes on offer, and I now know a lot more about portholes than I did a month ago.  Having been looking at cruises for my sisters Big Birthday gift means I thought a lot about what I’d like to see out of my window.  I now have a giant porthole with an Antarctica scene, a smaller Caribbean scene, a tiny New York Statue of Liberty view and a test of my new bubble paint with copper fish for the least exciting porthole.  The biggest porthole clearly came off a ship, and is so heavy I had to dismantle it before I could move it.  They have a variety of glass holding mechanisms, two have screw fittings and could take very thick glass or even interchangeable glass images, whilst the one I like the least has a fitting that complains at even three mm of glass.


This large porthole is sitting on my garden table.  It is a fully functioning window and could be used as such, or would be great as a piece of garden art.

porthole Antartica.jpg

I’ve been working on a birthday commission, for which I made a double thickness piece to give lots of variety and depth of colour.  This was then free slumped to give a piece with lots of vigour.

double wave on shape.jpg

In between making these watery pieces I’ve started a series of Montpellier Cafe scenes ( the Montpellier in Cheltenham) as I made one as a raffle prize for the Montpellier writers Group who are celebrating an anniversary this month.