Playing with water

I realise there is a bit of sea theme in a lot of the work I make.  I like to work with a CD of coastal sounds in the background in my studio, and trying to catch the energy of waves in the glass in various ways is something I keep returning to.


In addition to my single wave pieces I’ve also extended this sea theme with a series of works set in portholes.  eBay has an astonishing variety of portholes on offer, and I now know a lot more about portholes than I did a month ago.  Having been looking at cruises for my sisters Big Birthday gift means I thought a lot about what I’d like to see out of my window.  I now have a giant porthole with an Antarctica scene, a smaller Caribbean scene, a tiny New York Statue of Liberty view and a test of my new bubble paint with copper fish for the least exciting porthole.  The biggest porthole clearly came off a ship, and is so heavy I had to dismantle it before I could move it.  They have a variety of glass holding mechanisms, two have screw fittings and could take very thick glass or even interchangeable glass images, whilst the one I like the least has a fitting that complains at even three mm of glass.


This large porthole is sitting on my garden table.  It is a fully functioning window and could be used as such, or would be great as a piece of garden art.

porthole Antartica.jpg

I’ve been working on a birthday commission, for which I made a double thickness piece to give lots of variety and depth of colour.  This was then free slumped to give a piece with lots of vigour.

double wave on shape.jpg

In between making these watery pieces I’ve started a series of Montpellier Cafe scenes ( the Montpellier in Cheltenham) as I made one as a raffle prize for the Montpellier writers Group who are celebrating an anniversary this month.




2 thoughts on “Playing with water

  1. I love your work which is very inspirational. Having worked with fused glass for many years I love trying to mix it other mediums. Started mucking about with alcohol inks onto fused glass. I understand your love of the sea. We now live in Devon about ten miles from the coast. Good luck with your glasswork.


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