Big Red Gecko



I’ve been enjoying seeing my big red gecko up on the wall at the Hardwick Cafe.  I bought the sheet of ‘Saturday Glass’ at Warm Glass last year, getting very excited on peering into the giant wooden crate which was only just being opened.  “Saturday Glass’ because on Saturdays, after the production runs are complete, the amazing glass makers at Bullseye get to play with the molten glass and make sheets of glass that amuse and interest them.  All the glass I use is handmade art glass from the Bullseye company in Portland Oregon, USA.

The problem with buying a beautiful sheet of glass is that it can be intimidating cutting it up.  The worry is that you will end up making something less beautiful or interesting than the raw material.  I would like to have made something with the whole sheet (I still have a Cascade glass sheet I can’t cut up as the image I see is in the whole piece), but with the size of my kiln this gecko was made in several sections.

The multiple sections then left me with a display dilemma.  I wanted it to be demountable, so didn’t want to glue it onto a board.  With some help from the Technicians at University I finally learned to weld and made a mild steel frame, then learnt to drill holes in the glass and the metal so that the lizard could be bolted into place.   The gecko now has a life of its own- it is dramatic how different the work looks when it is up on the wall.



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