Gardens Gallery Cheltenham

As part of the Cheltenham Literature Festival the Gardens Gallery are hosting a juried exhibition on the same theme as the festival – “Who do we think we are?”


My diptych, ‘Montpellier Cafe’, is available for sale in the gallery this week.


Montpelier Cafe diptych




Contemporary Glass Society Exhibition – Connections in Contemporary Glass

This week I am joining other artists by members of the Contemporary Glass Society in a selling exhibition in Bristol.  CGS Connections facebook page

“This unique selling exhibition at Christmas Steps Gallery in the centre of Bristol will showcase the talent of glass artists from across the South West and West Midlands regions.

The exhibition runs in parallel with the CGS 2017 conference CONNECTIONS, which is being held at Bristol’s M Shed. Work on display will include jewellery, 3D pieces, bowls, mirrors and stained glass, using a wide range of materials and techniques. Artists will be available to discuss their work.”

Two of my large waves will be in the exhibition. I will be at the gallery on Saturday October 14th.


Deep Wave

Lois Parker, fused glass, wave, 3d, freeform slump,


Big Red Gecko



I’ve been enjoying seeing my big red gecko up on the wall at the Hardwick Cafe.  I bought the sheet of ‘Saturday Glass’ at Warm Glass last year, getting very excited on peering into the giant wooden crate which was only just being opened.  “Saturday Glass’ because on Saturdays, after the production runs are complete, the amazing glass makers at Bullseye get to play with the molten glass and make sheets of glass that amuse and interest them.  All the glass I use is handmade art glass from the Bullseye company in Portland Oregon, USA.

The problem with buying a beautiful sheet of glass is that it can be intimidating cutting it up.  The worry is that you will end up making something less beautiful or interesting than the raw material.  I would like to have made something with the whole sheet (I still have a Cascade glass sheet I can’t cut up as the image I see is in the whole piece), but with the size of my kiln this gecko was made in several sections.

The multiple sections then left me with a display dilemma.  I wanted it to be demountable, so didn’t want to glue it onto a board.  With some help from the Technicians at University I finally learned to weld and made a mild steel frame, then learnt to drill holes in the glass and the metal so that the lizard could be bolted into place.   The gecko now has a life of its own- it is dramatic how different the work looks when it is up on the wall.


New Bowls for Moy Mackay Gallery

Enjoying some time in the studio making a selection of bowls for Moy’s Gallery.  I have my ‘sounds of the sea’ CD on in the background, with crashing waves and seagulls crying.

Lots of lovely blues and thoughts of summer, while outside it is cold and grey.  We even had some snow here earlier this week, which is very unusual.


Playing with water

I realise there is a bit of sea theme in a lot of the work I make.  I like to work with a CD of coastal sounds in the background in my studio, and trying to catch the energy of waves in the glass in various ways is something I keep returning to.


In addition to my single wave pieces I’ve also extended this sea theme with a series of works set in portholes.  eBay has an astonishing variety of portholes on offer, and I now know a lot more about portholes than I did a month ago.  Having been looking at cruises for my sisters Big Birthday gift means I thought a lot about what I’d like to see out of my window.  I now have a giant porthole with an Antarctica scene, a smaller Caribbean scene, a tiny New York Statue of Liberty view and a test of my new bubble paint with copper fish for the least exciting porthole.  The biggest porthole clearly came off a ship, and is so heavy I had to dismantle it before I could move it.  They have a variety of glass holding mechanisms, two have screw fittings and could take very thick glass or even interchangeable glass images, whilst the one I like the least has a fitting that complains at even three mm of glass.


This large porthole is sitting on my garden table.  It is a fully functioning window and could be used as such, or would be great as a piece of garden art.

porthole Antartica.jpg

I’ve been working on a birthday commission, for which I made a double thickness piece to give lots of variety and depth of colour.  This was then free slumped to give a piece with lots of vigour.

double wave on shape.jpg

In between making these watery pieces I’ve started a series of Montpellier Cafe scenes ( the Montpellier in Cheltenham) as I made one as a raffle prize for the Montpellier writers Group who are celebrating an anniversary this month.




There’s been a long pause in my posts to this page.  Since the Open Studio last year I have moved house and built a new studio.  I now have good light, a warm room and running water in the Studio.

I am pleased to be able to say that I can now handle sheet glass safely again, and have begun working in a variety of ways rather than just with frit.

Recent works include two  commissioned triptychs, one an abstract piece in tawny and orange tones for a dining room in Cheltenham, and the other a rendering of a view in Cyprus for above a fireplace near Milton Keynes. This is photographed on acrylic stands before posting.

Cyprus .jpg

Both of these allowed me to explore the commissioning process, new colours, and the excellent adjustabail hanging system which gives great ease of hanging for the customer.

I’ve also been working on lower fired double sided pieces which have a rough powdery surface texture.  This piece is called Moongazer, and I am submitting it to the Bullseye Emerge competition.

Moongazer Lois Parker.jpg



Lois Parker after the storm circular bowl

I’ve been busy getting ready for my exhibition at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham later this month.  I’ve also just selected and printed labels for a small shared show at the Number 8 Community Art Centre in Pershore, where I have a few smaller items in a crafts case.  I used some business card paper to make the labels, which was so much easier than any other technique I’ve ever tried, and which has produced neat consistent labels.

I also submitted six pieces to the Summer Show Focus on Glass in Cardiff, so the process of auditioning individual pieces and then considering how they work together has preoccupied me for some time.  I’ve spent so much effort on this ‘auditioning’ process that I’ve actually had my previous City&Guilds tutor turn up in my dreams to discuss my work!

Other than that, a few bowls, including some I really like, is all I have made over the last couple of months.  More surgery on my wrist to remove a screw that had come loose from the previous surgery, followed by slipping in the shower while being super-cautious to protect my wound, left me with cracked ribs, which make breathing hard let alone frolicking with glass.  I’m looking forward to a new programme of exploration and experimentation starting in May.