Sgraffito Challenge Day 4 – five five minute drawings

SC Day 4

Today’s challenge- to do five drawings in quick succession, setting a timer for five minutes for each.  Aim- to loosen up style and stop people feeling too precious about the work.  Instruction was to tip the powder away each time and reuse the same glass…again, to stop people feeling too attached or anxious about the work. The topic was supposed to be different each time.

I’d been seeing people post images of desert landscapes and feeling a touch envious, so I found a photo with a desert and used that.

SC4 1

first drawing – whole scene

SC4 2

Second drawing – the rocky mountain

SC4 4

Fourth drawing – an interesting bit of leg and shoe

SC4 3

Third drawing – Emin and book

SC4 5

Fifth drawing – Emin and rock

I set the timer, did five pictures in five minutes each.  However, I worked off a single image, just taking a different aspect or scale of it each time.  I also kept the images, partly because I wanted to fire the kiln…. a whole week with just tiny bits going in is very strange, so with these extra five I’ve now set it going.  I also kept them as it amused me to have such incomplete images, and I’d like to use them as components in a piece sometime.  Also, as I was working from a photo of Tracey Emin sitting on her chair in a desert I thought she’d approve of the task for several reasons.  She has said she likes processes that force you away from the initial expertise and control (I paraphrase, it was a comment in relation to her mono prints at an exhibition I saw years ago, and, as this isn’t an essay for college I’ll be lazy and not check it and give a reference).  She also seems to rather like the chaos of activity and existence and what it can say about the life being lived that produces it. She also works the same image and topic over and over again.  Anyways, I kept them all, and being glass, if I don’t want to use these I can just melt them and do something else with them.

I found myself caring about the image rather a lot, which surprised me…not being anywhere I had been or anyone I know I had thought it would be easy to disengage from a desire to do the person and landscape justice.  Perhaps I should have set out to discard them all after all. I was using the phone times, and the screen kept reverting to the front screen so I had no idea how long I was taking so didn’t plan the allocation of time.  I’m also wearing my posture prompting device to remind me not to curve my back (the Lumo Lift) and kept getting buzzed as I altered angle slightly, which was quite distracting I should have switched the ‘coach’ function off before I started.

Well, five rather odd little images being cooked in the kiln with rest of the week’s drawings.  I checked the firing cycle recommended, checked the ‘landscape’ fusing cycle I normally use for single layer powder drawings, the one given to me by Warm Glass, and did a variation on both of them with a lowered top temp as I fancy the powder just sticking and not melting.  This gives me more choices about how I use the drawings later.  The ‘landscape’ cycle has a slower cool down rate, the other cycle a faster heating.  I’ll learn something from this, and none of the pieces is important in itself so if something doesn’t work it doesn’t matter.

Schedule (C):

rate     temp    time

167     538      10

afap    740      10

afap    482      END

sgraffito challenge kiln full